Name: Oneeq18b - Stability of Batch Fluidized Catalytic Reactor - Rounded Numbers
Source: Luss, D. and Amundson, N. R., AIChE J.,14(2), 211 (1968)
Reference/s N. Brauner, M. Shacham and M. Cutlip, Chem. Eng. Educ., 30 (1), 20-25 (1996).
Model: 1 implicit equation, indep. variable name: T
  Lower difficulty level
  Constraints: T>0
  Discontinuities: none in the range of interest
  Initial range:Tmin=500, Tmax=1500
Solved by Shacham, M., POLYMATH 5.1, build 19, March 13, 2001
Model Eqs. Stability of Batch Fluidized Catalytic Reactor - Rounded Numbers |POLVER05_1


f(T)=1.3*(T-Tp)+1.04e4*k*Pp #


Tp=(269*T-1752)/267 #


k=0.0006*exp(20.7-15000/Tp) #
  Pp=-(0.1/(321*(320/321-(1+k)))) #
  P=(320*Pp+0.1)/321 #
  T(min)=500, T(max)=1500
Variable/function values Variable Value f(x)
  T 1000 1.9778E+00
  Tp 1000.928839  
  k 0.181833972  
  Pp 0.001684389  
  P 0.001990668  
  Variable Value f(x)
Root T 1208.2863599396200 1.2657E-13
  Tp 1210.7753963436600  
  k 2.441625209179300  
  Pp 0.000127427218990  
  P 0.000438556729211  
Additional Information This is the same equation as in 18a but some of the
  parameters are rounded. Consequently the equation has
  only one solution very different from any solution in 18a
Function plot