A Web-Based Library for Testing the Performance of Numerical Software

This web-based library is hosted by the development group responsible for the POLYMATH Numerical Analysis Software.  More information on POLYMATH is available from www.polymath-software.com.


This Internet site provides the user with a series of test problems that can be used to evaluate and verify the solutions of numerical problems with a variety of numerical software programs. This site is under development by Mordechai Shacham, Neima Brauner, and Michael B. Cutlip. Please send comments or questions on this library to Mordechai Shacham.

General Philosophy

Many of the complex engineering problems in today's world require the numerical solutions of very complex sets of equations. It is often assumed that the numerical software packages and their solution algorithms will find the correct solution for a given problem OR that warning messages will be issued when the accuracy and/or correctness of the solution is in doubt. Thus this library was created to provide a series of benchmark problems and their detailed solutions so as to enable the user to verify that numerical software packages and their algorithms are working properly.

Test problems in this Numerical Problem Library all have the following characteristics:

The current Numerical Problem Library is organized by problem type. Only the Nonlinear Equations Library has been completed at this time.

Nonlinear Equations - NLE

There is an existing Library for Regression assembled by the National Institute of Standards and Technology that deals with Analysis of Variance, Linear Regression, and Nonlinear Regression.

Regression Library (NIST)