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Polymath 6.X Builds 202-261

  • International Users  - If you are having difficulties with POLYMATH installation or calculations, this may be due to your regional settings for your Windows operating system.  Please go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Regional Options/General and specify:

    Locale:  English                Language Settings:  Western Europe and United States

    Under Start/Settings/Control Panel/Regional Options/Numbers - Please make sure that the standard settings are used for Numbers.

  • Installation - These builds are the first that have utilized InstallShield software to create the setup files. This software uses the latest the Windows Installer service. Note that some older operating systems will need to be rebooted  during the POLYMATH installation process.

  • Intrinsic Functions - The fact( ) function for factorials is inoperative and the sqr( ) function should not be used as it returns the square root.

  • Please report problems to Polymath Support.

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