Polymath (order)

Polymath 5.0 Beta Build 203

  • Installation - This installation requires special attention.
    1. Close all other programs before initiation the installation of POLYMATH.
    2. Initiate install by executing setup.exe in the Installation Directory.
    3. During installation process, only update files that are newer than those that you currently have on your computer.
    4. Ignore any "Access violation" messages such as one that may concern riched32.dll, but continue with the installation.
    5. If you are asked to restart Windows, please do so. Continue or restart setup.exe after the restart of Windows to complete the installation.
  • International Users  - If you are having difficulties with POLYMATH calculations, this may be due to your regional settings for your Windows operating system.  Please go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Regional Options/General and specify:

    Locale:  English                Language Settings:  Western Europe and United States

    Under Start/Settings/Control Panel/Regional Options/Numbers - Please make sure that the standard settings are used for Numbers.

  • Intrinsic Functions - The fact( ) function for factorials is inoperative, and the sqr( ) function should not be used as it returns the square root.

  • Operation - This release of the educational version cannot be executed more that 200 times. The registration code indicated in your POLYMATH software is not currently available. Please visit the Order area of this POLYMATH web site to the latest version for educational users or to order the latest professional version.
  • Nonlinear Regression Performance - The convergence of the solution may at times be incomplete due to the initial estimates. Try to give good initial estimates for best results.
  • Please report problems to Dr. M. B. Cutlip.

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