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POLYMATH Support can be contacted by e-mail:


Virus Identification - Some users may have experienced a "false virus indication" in POLYMATH by Symantec Anit-Virus software. (Norton 360 for example).  Symantec has been contacted and now agrees that POLYMATH has no virus.  Please contact POLYMATH support if this has happened to your POLYMATH software, and the latest installation file and your keycode will be provided to you.

International Users  - If you are having difficulties with POLYMATH installation or initial calculations, this may be due to your regional settings for your Windows operating system.  Please go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Regional Options/General and specify:

Locale:  English                Language Settings:  Western Europe and United States

Under Start/Settings/Control Panel/Regional Options/Numbers - Please make sure that the standard settings are used for Numbers.


Clock-Back Indication  - Polymath has a sophisticated protection scheme that will detect if the computer clock has been set back to extend the trial or license period.  If this has happened inadvertently, please contact POLYMATH support (support@polymath-software.com) for assistance.

POLYMATH Support by Version and Build Number

Please identify the particular Polymath Version that you are using. This can be determined in Polymath by going to Help and then to About pull-down menus from the Main Polymath page.

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