Reasons for Using Polymath

  1. Extremely easy to use - intuitive interface - probably the easiest-to-use problem solving software currently available
  2. No command language or other details to remember - exceptional HELP always available including content-sensitive F1 HELP.
  3. Problem entry mimics mathematical equations so entry is very easy
  4. New full-screen color-coded editor speeds problem entry or modification
  5. Variable names defined by user with upper and lower cases distinguished
  6. Templates provided for equation entry (differential equations, nonlinear equations, etc.)
  7. Keeps continuous listing of undefined variables as MAJOR AID to problem entry
  8. Equations must have correct syntax or Polymath will provide immediate error messages during equation entry
  9. Automatically orders your equations before solution or at your request so you can enter problem equations in any order
  10. Now supports automatic one-keypress export of Polymath program to Excel to provide working Excel program
  11. Automatically Creates MATLAB code automatically from Polymath Program and provides templates to create m-files
  12. The Polymath ODE_Solver for Excel (included with Polymath) is the only available Excel Add-In for ordinary differential equations
  13. Improved graphics can easily be generated and exported to other documents
  14. Reports of complete solutions with a single keypress for easy of debugging and problem documentation
  15. Technical papers and problem libraries available from the Polymath web site
  16. Friendly and efficient support that often comes directly from the authors (related book also available)
  17. Convenient user utilities that can be separately kept on your desktop